Team building activities like scavenger hunts can seem like a waste of time, but games and events offer a lot of value to organizations. While some activities might seem silly, bringing your team together outside of their work roles can lead to better performance.

Building Trust
Employees need to trust in the commitment and capabilities of their teammates in order to do their best work. Building that trust takes time and a willingness to share both information and personalities.

Corporate team building activities offer a unique setting for creating and nurturing trust. The activities allow team members to collaborate and communicate without the pressures of their job responsibilities. This type of less-formal interaction allows team members to see how people behave and gain insights into their thinking processes. A good team building exercise can reveal the traits that make someone good at their job and highlight why they should be trusted by their teammates.

Getting New Employees Comfortable
Starting a new job can be extremely stressful. Not only are you trying to learn your new role, but you are also trying to learn about your coworkers and decipher the internal dynamics of the organization.

Corporate team building activities offer new employees a more casual environment in which to make introductions, ask questions, and get a feel for their coworkers. Managers can also take advantage of the activities to explain and promote the company culture.

Breaking Down Silos
As companies grow, it can be difficult to build relationships across department. Over time, people stop knowing each other and start thinking of people in terms of their department or role. This can lead to a lack of trust and respect for the contributions that other departments make to the success of an organization.

Scavenger hunts, dinners and special events are all opportunities to remove the barriers that naturally arise when departments don’t regularly interact. You can use these events to promote mingling, educate about the value of every contributor, and reduce the potential for future conflict.

Relieving Stress
Let’s not underestimate the value of having a little fun. While it’s important that people get their work done and behave professionally, sometimes people need to laugh or meditate or play games. The occasional retreat where employees get to relax can lead to higher productivity and a better attitude when they get back to their desk.

Team Building is Worth It
Team members benefit from interacting outside their work roles. And so do their organizations. Bringing people together to build trust, relieve stress, and educate about how the company succeeds are all benefits of corporate team building activities that shouldn’t be overlooked.