Keeping work offices clean and spotless can become a daunting task, especially when you have a lot of employees and not much space to go on. This is the time you realize just how fast these commercial working spaces can easily become grubby and cluttered.  You are obviously going to need outside help from professionals to regularly come in and clean up the office and make it spotless. And if you have decided to go down this route, then it is important that you have a schedule for days to have these commercial cleaning Toronto companies to handle the job for you.

A checklist has been put up that is divided into three different and easy sections that you can choose from whenever you are hiring a commercial cleaning company. These three sections are: daily, weekly, and monthly. It is, therefore, upon you to decide which cleaning checklist plan you want to go for to always keep your office spotless. You need this done so that you can make good impressions on your contacts, clients, and connections. Who will want to work with you if you can’t even manage to clean and maintain your workspace?

  1. Daily


Having commercial cleaners come over to clean your workstation daily will definitely ensure that you have a workspace that feels fresh and welcoming at all times for your workers and contacts as well. You will have also taken care of the dirt and rubbish buildup in the office spaces which gives you more time to focus on other important business matters.

Some of the key daily tasks of the commercial cleaners may include:

  • Clearing the surface clutter.
  • Loading and unloading the office dishwasher.
  • Hovering high footfall areas.
  • Cleaning the areas used for eating.
  • Cleaning the food preparation areas.
  • Emptying waste and recycling bins.

If your office is situated in an area where a lot of dirt and debris comes in ten you can adopt these cleaning methods as well:

  • Mopping hard flooring areas.
  • Dusting computer monitors.
  • Hovering entire floorspaces.
  • Wiping office desks and surfaces using a damp cloth.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting bathroom facilities.


  1. Weekly


These cleaning services are slightly more labor-intensive compared to the daily cleaning tasks. Some of the weekly tasks include:

  • Refilling soap dispensers.
  • Window cleaning.
  • Cleaning communal kitchen appliances.
  • Polishing glass, mirrors, and metallic surfaces.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting bathroom facilities.
  • Cleaning communal fridges.
  • Cleaning the walls and painted surfaces.


  1. Monthly


Monthly tasks usually involve those little jobs in your workplace that are never too pressing but can still make all the difference on how clean and welcoming your workplace is going to be plus how the environment is going to feel after the cleaning process is done. These little jobs may include:

  • Dusting the whole office.
  • Polishing and maintaining hard floors.
  • Hovering fabric chairs and surfaces.
  • Cleaning carpets using a steam cleaner.
  • Hovering all the vents.

From all that has been mentioned in the article, it is clear that cleaning and maintaining high standards of cleanliness in workstations is not an easy task and can weigh heavily on you if you don’t plan how to do it appropriately.