You may still remember the outdoor intrusion detectors people used to protect their homes before the evolution of video analytics. There were motion detectors and photo beams and other stuff like that. And too much surprise, you will notice that most of these outdoor protection devices and gadgets like driveway motion sensor, are still pretty much in demand and homeowners and business people alike, are now more interested than ever on how they can secure their home and work premises from outside interruptions and even theft or burglary. Outdoor intrusion protection is, in fact, gaining more popular by the day. Here are six trends that will prove to you that the outdoor intrusion protection is increasingly gaining demand from consumers.

  1. Wireless options reduce labor


The modern age has seen to it that more of the wireless perimeter protection gadgets being used compared to the wired ones. And even though the wireless outdoor intrusion protection protocols and procedures cost more than the latter, many people still prefer purchasing and using them. And the difference in the cost between the two is shrinking by the day.

People prefer the wireless devices since they require much less labor to be installed and used as well and their sensors can also communicate wirelessly as well. So, you don’t have to worry about the security of your home, even if you are away for work. In case of any alarms, the wireless sensors will communicate to the homeowners wherever they may be on the issues.

  1. Portable outdoor systems


Companies that manufacture these appliances now offer consumers cellular-capable portable alarm systems that are designed to provide their homes and businesses with outdoor intrusion protection on a temporary basis which is still a pretty big leap in terms of technology.

  1. Video verification had greatly enhanced the accuracy of outdoor systems


With the inception of video enhancements to outdoor protection systems, the number of false alarms, which were a great issue before has been significantly dealt with by the use of video cameras and CCTV surveillance systems which can capture more clear video recordings even in dim light to avoid occurrences of false alarms again. You are now able to tell whether an alarm is caused by a human intruder or not and in some cases, even able to identify the person intruding.

  1. Alerts are the new tier of protection and not alarms


Technology advancements have led to dealers now majoring more in sending their consumers alerts whenever any of their outdoor alarms are tripped. Some customers may not be looking to call the police whenever anyone steps into their yard. And the inception of the wireless outdoor passive infrared detectors has done the trick here. Video cameras are now fitted with infrared lights which are able to capture clear images of your outdoor premises even in very dim light. Homeowners can now receive alerts with video clips of the events occurring in their outdoors if any that needs attention.

  1. Creative solutions for the copper thefts


You can now find long-range wireless transmitters that can relay power and monitor outdoor perimeters that are quite far from the receivers. Sirens and alarms have also been embedded in most systems which can scare away any thieves or burglars.

  1. Animal alerts


In cases where you want to get alerts caused by animals, there are outdoor intrusion alarms just for that as well. You can install outdoor intrusion alarms specifically for large animals like moose or deer.

There are many different types of outdoor intrusion protection systems in the market currently and you need to know exactly what you want and how you want it to serve you before you get up and head to the store to purchase one for yourself.