Last year, 2017, brought upon some major visible changes in both the customer experience and call center field. In everyone’s fingertips and mind’s forefront was virtual agents and cloud communications. As a result of this. Social media has never been of importance as it has ever been. 2018 is here, and so far it is shaped up to be a strategic thinking year. This entails: bettering of analytics, adding up of more international conversations on social media and innovative and creative artificial intelligence involvement methods. Don’t we all want to stay on target and be updated this 2018? I bet everyone does. Below are some of the identified most influential trends that are affecting centers this far.

  1. Digital transformation


Day in, day out, all type of business tend to try to be different of any other in regards to the quality of product they are marketing to the public (customers) and even the price of the product and service. However, these days, customers are more into establishing a good and long lasting relation with a specific business. This is brought about by experience. The interactions of customers are not stand-alone activities anymore and they demand a more consistent and comprehensive experience with the business.

Digital transformation is an advanced technology application that is responsible for restructuring a modern business environment completely. Digital transformation play a major role in what the customers are looking for today. A good digital transformation strategy is key to any business that is aiming at being and maintaining to be competitive. It has advancements, i.e. the unified Omni-channel communications and the machine-machine communications through the internet that help it with its accomplishment.

What is required to be included in the strategy? It should be a need of businesses to consider everything about a customer’s experience. Having a reliable digital contact center is beneficial because it redefines from the beginning to the end, the experience of the customer. This is more than just having the right and best channels used for the interactions with the customers. The smartness of a business is not measured by its size but by the integrating technologies within the business that give the customer full context with every interaction and system data that is leveraged to give proactive services.

  1. Good Contact Center Analytics


The days that business and employees relied on knowing how to receive the most from a contact center agent or supervisor skills are far away gone. Today, up to the smallest businesses have embraced and take advantage of analytics to run their data. The analytics are responsible for screen and call recording and giving meaningful feedback to the agent from the SMS messages, chats and more.

There is too much resource and information one can rely on apart from monitoring and manual observations. Generally, more analytical advancement is expected as more and more companies are continuing to implement unified communications strategies and platforms.

  1. Multiple Remote Call Centre Agents


Remote contact centers have made to become a trend in 2018 because of the current time zone flexibility, lower overhead and the flexible working hours in the current businesses today. As a result of constant improvement and unifying cloud communications, employees have become to be of much benefit and permanent to the contact center environment.

  1. More emphasis on self-serve documentation


So far, we have seen a good performance on emphasizing on information problem solving that is of self-service method in businesses websites. If you give a customer information faster, it will help on reduction of call volumes and also an easier way of navigating to FAQs. The questions will help a business person to narrow down more faster and easily the calls to the customers that have complex issues.