Among some of the most intriguing facts most people around the globe don’t know or have very little clue about is the Japanese futon mattresses and covers. Believe it or not, there are some pretty interesting facts about futon covers Canada and mattresses you may be very interested to know about. Well, for one, these covers and mattresses are soft and cozy to lie on. Wait till you get a hold of one and you will definitely know what this article is talking about.

Most Japanese have developed this culture of sleeping on the floors, no beds, with nothing but their futon mattresses and covers. Here are some quite interesting facts about futons and futon covers you may be interested to know before you jump right in to purchase one for yourself.

  1. Their origin


Futons originated from Japan. And the name futon is their native traditional name of calling these padded mattresses that are quilted with textile and sometimes pillows which the Japanese use as their primary beds.

  1. Their materials


These futons are fitted with soft materials, wool, cotton, and synthetic batting which are all very comfortable for resting and even sleeping. You will not even be able to tell the difference between a futon and a regular bed. In fact, you may end up liking the futon better due to its high levels of soft and coziness. They are usually accompanied by padded futon mattresses and quilted blankets or comforters.

  1. More space


With a futon your place, you are guaranteed of more space than with a regular bed. Other than their softness and comfort, these products also keep your room more spacious and lively especially the bedrooms. You can now have more room which you can use for any other purpose.

Imagine this, you can use it as a bed at night and as a couch during the day. Futons have adjustable frames which allow all this to be possible. You can adjust them to a reclining position.

  1. Other compositions


The Western-style futons are made with several more of layers of batting and foam to improve more on their softness and coziness too. These extra add-ons make these Western-styled futons look much bigger, larger and thicker than the one you will find in the Japanese culture. These futon covers are lovely and are more decorated and used to make the mattresses look cleaner. They are usually available in different colors so you can buy one according to you your style, and color. Futon covers will also definitely keep your mattresses durable for a lot longer.

  1. Used worldwide


Enough research might have already made this point out clear enough to you. The futon covers are now known and used throughout the world with many people now preferring to use futons and futon covers in place of beds. They are much more comfortable and easy to maintain. Not to mention the matter of space as mentioned earlier.

It is only right that you get home to some nice warm soft and cozy futon after a long day’s work and with a good futon mattress cover to go with it.