3 Crucial Ways That Your Firm Can Benefit from A Commercial Litigation Lawyer

Apr 28, 2018

When it comes to litigation, you will not fail to notice the speed with which this field is growing and this section of the law is beginning to hold more ground and impact not only the revenue sector of the law firms but also their legal hiring too. Law firms have taken to hire commercial litigation lawyer and attorneys to do the commercial litigation work and even specialized attorneys who can do the same which is a pretty smart move considering that the overall competition in the field keeps rising by the day.

But then comes the much-anticipated question, how will your firm benefit by hiring commercial litigation attorney? Well, the first thing that every business looks into when hiring any professional is whether that employee has the right skillset to do the job and grow the business. The same goes for the commercial litigation profession. Having the right attorneys for the right case can take your case a long way and improve your chances of success significantly. And the best part about it is that it costs less when that attorney comes from your firm. You can trust him/her to deliver than when you have to hire one from outside.

Here is a short list of all the benefits you will reap from hiring a professional commercial litigation attorney to your firm.

  1. Specialized focus

Business meeting with work on contract

With a commercial litigation attorney on your firm and side, you can comfortably free up some of the other attorneys who may not wish to work in this field to other fields. The commercial litigation profession is a very complex one and you can say not everyone is fit to handle it. so, to have a commercial litigation attorney who can handle all the complicated cases on your side is a big deal and major advantage. And it could also be very inconveniencing to have loads of attorneys on a litigation case whose skills can be used elsewhere, especially for the corporate specialty attorneys. Having a commercial litigation attorney who has specialized in this field and is qualified enough onboard will ensure that you have the right man for the job. You will worry less about such cases should they arise.

  1. Extra protection of your business interests


Every firm, person, and even business is always looking to secure and protect their business interests and with the right attorney for the job, you know you are in good hands. A commercial litigation attorney has the right skill set and experience that is necessary to protect your business interests and ensure that you and your business is always protected.

  1. Commercial litigation experience


The experience of a commercial litigation attorney is what will help you and your firm decide on whether to litigate or not. Sometimes you may be forced to pursue legal matters in court and here is where you will need the advice od a litigation attorney to give you the go-ahead to go to court or to pursue a different strategy instead. Most legal cases are usually time-consuming and very expensive which makes it the more vital that you have somebody onboard who can weigh the odds and give you the way forward.

7 Guiding Factors When Looking for A Real Estate CRM

Apr 28, 2018

Choosing the right real estate CRM tool can turn out to be one of the most daunting aspects to you when it comes to setting up a real estate business. And you will always find that many practitioners have tried all kinds of systems that work best for them, but still can’t figure out exactly what they need. Your Ixact Contact real estate CRM should be your silent partner in your business which provides you with the necessary tools to nurture and organize your contacts as well as relieve you from any repetitive or mundane duties. This will leave more time in your hands so that you can focus more on building your business.

But, you also need to know exactly what you want out of the real estate contact management  you are about to choose and this should be your guide to choosing the right CRM for your real estate business. This article has lined up 7 factors that you can apply when looking for the right real estate CRM software for your business.

  1. Is the CRM compatible with the other tools you already have?


You should put a lot of focus on finding the perfect CRM that will integrate and work well with your lead generation tools. In short, ensure that it is compatible with the structures and settings you already have in the business.

  1. Does the CRM have robust automation features?


You want a CRM that will automate most of the work for you. Like, automate your marketing campaigns and routine correspondence which may probably be the most vital aspects of your real estate business. You can create your CRM to automate virtually anything relating to your real estate business from the buyer-seller leads to valuation requests, new listings, buyers under contract, etc.

  1. Does the CRM provider offer adequate support?


This is also a vital aspect that you need to look into when looking for CRM for your real estate. You need to know whether the CRM providers will offer you sufficient and adequate support whenever you run into any issues with your CRM.

  1. Do the CRM providers have staying power?


You will find that newer CRMs are coming up and many companies are adding state-of-the-art features as well. But what you need to look into here is whether the CRM you are going for manufacturers that are there to stay. You don’t want to end up stuck in case the company who you bought their CRM goes out of business.

  1. How much time can you spend learning, CRM features?


Some CRMs are super-easy to use and run some pretty basic features that won’t take up much of your time to learn. But these CRMs don’t do much. When looking for a CRM, you need to, first of all, check all the basic features you need and then you can look into all the other features.

  1. Will the CRM work well with everyone on your team?


You may find that each member of a real estate business is using a different CRM mainly based on the factors of the user interface, price, and the intuitiveness of the CRM software. But when it comes to choosing the right CRM for a team, then you need to look more into the user interface factor.

  1. Should your CRM focus on relationships or sales?


What are you looking for from your CRM? This should be your guiding question. Some people will want to look at their relationships with their leads while others are more interested in sales.

10 Tips for Reducing Your Shipping Costs

Apr 27, 2018

Did you know that 48% of online shoppers have bought or spent more than planned when shopping online? Yes, customers love shopping online, but they love free shipping even more. 24% shoppers are ready to spend more to qualify for free shipping, and 63% of suburban shoppers share that shipping costs are their least favorite part of online shopping.

Few dollars of shipping costs for one order seems small, but if you multiply it by 100, or 1000 orders, you will see that shipping can be one of the most complicated (and costly) activities for any business indeed. Since your profit is linked to how much – or how little – you spend on courier services, you will need to reduce the shipping costs as much as possible. Here are the top 10 tips!

Negotiate shipping rates with multiple logistic companies


The one and only rule for all shipping companies’ pricing: The more you ship, the lower your rate. But all too often, small businesses don’t realize they also may have negotiating power. If you ship large numbers of packages, compare prices and try to persuade logistic companies to offer a discount.

It’s also a great idea to name the carrier that has proposed a lower rate. If one shipping company knows you’re looking at a competitor, they are likely to provide incredible incentives to get your business. Carriers know that once you start using a specific logistic company, the inconvenience and cost to switch will keep you a customer for a long time.

Consider regional shipping companies

canada map

You do have other choices than UPS, DHL, and FedEx. Regional carriers often provide the same courier services at a reduced cost because they cover a small geographic area.

Cut down packaging costs



Packaging is the biggest factor you can change. Try to:

– Reduce the size of your package. Don’t use a large box if a smaller box or bubble mailer will do. Pack it tighter!

– Use your shipping materials wisely. Every box, every roll of bubble wrap and every roll of tape costs money. You can also: Ask your shipping company if they provide them free, Buy them in bulk, Find a smaller supplier that will bend over backward to get your business, and Reuse and recycle.

Consolidate orders when possible


Consolidating multiple orders into a single shipment and minimize the number of packages it sends provides benefits such as:

  •  Lower shipping supply expenses
    •    Greater fuel efficiency
    •    Less time needed to receive, handle and restock orders

A little planning and visibility go a long way!

Use 3rd party insurance


Shipping companies charge more for shipping insurance than third-party companies, which is about $0.90 for every $100 of insurance. On the other hand, third-party companies charge about $0.55 cents for every $100. This savings can add up, especially if you ship expensive items.

Pick the right shipping option


Think about your real needs. Then take into consideration the weight and characteristics of the shipment, the destination, pricing and fees, and loss or damage concerns. Choosing the right service will help your business maximize shipping costs and customer satisfaction.

Consider shipping to PUPs (Pick Up Points)


If you’re shipping to a number of customers in a single area, why don’t offer a discount for those who are willing to pick up from a, for example, local store? You just reduced both your shipping and your packaging costs.

Change your shipping policy

shipping policy

We all know that customers love free shipping, but if you can’t afford it, here are some shipping strategies to help you put the costs on them:

– Free shipping with conditions, such as for orders over a certain order amount or a minimum number of items purchased.

– Flat rate shipping – shipping remains the same no matter how big the customer’s order.

– Adjust the pricing of your products. Let’s be honest, if the shipping costs are too high, even you will think again about your order. Increase your products’ price to reduce the shipping costs will give customers the impression that they’re still getting a great deal.

Maximize shipping and inventory space


One of the biggest money wasters in logistics is partially filled trucks or warehouses. Try to order larger shipments at once to fill trucks and hold inventory on hand to reduce the need for expedited shipments due to a shortage of stock.

Put the latest technology to work



Ever heard of supply chain management software? Services that help you to track inbound and outbound shipments? Blockchain technology? There are new applications being developed specifically to help companies simplify supply chains and reduce shipping costs.

Credit images: LamplighterLight Bulbs and Laughter.

Enjoy an Easy Last-Minute Move with These Tips

Apr 27, 2018

Most people generally need a minimum of up to eight weeks or even more to plan and even pack for a move. But then again, you will find that the last-minute moves are even more common than the planned moves. You never know, you may have only just four weeks, probably even less, to move or you were too occupied maybe with work that you didn’t have enough time to plan a move. So then, if you had a quick move coming up due to some unforeseen circumstances, this guide by Hudson Movers is for you. It will highlight some of the last-minute moving tips that can help make the whole process less stressful for you.

  1. Get rid of some stuff


You would agree with the fact that most people get very ruthless with some of their belongings, especially when cut off for time in last-minute moves. And this can sometimes be a good thing as it gives you no chance, but to get rid of some of your old and unused items. You will have little time to pack everything which will essentially force you to only pack the necessary items.

This will also help save you some time and energy in the long run. Try and ensure that you can get rid of as much stuff as you possibly can. Create a list of all the items you want to keep, those you want to toss, and the ones to donate. And start from there.

  1. Call for help


Sometimes the time is just too short that you may not be able to successfully pack all of your belongings on time. This is the time to call your family, friends or even the service companies for help. To make the whole moving process go faster.

It will also put less strain on you as the work will be divided among all of your helpers. Ensure you know what you need your extra hands to do. Where to put things, items not to be packed, and even those that need to go out first and other things like that.

Sometimes you may opt to do all the work with just friends and family members who will, in most cases, help out for free. Professional service movers can sometimes be very expensive and may not be your first option if you can prevent it.

  1. Get packing supplies

Moving boxes in new house. New apartment background.

You will want to get a couple of used boxes for packing your belongings. Generally, the moving boxes are usually the best for moving purposes as they are designed for that specific purpose. They don’t tear easily for one. You also need to purchase other moving supplies from your nearby store. You can look for a green mover in case you are moving to a nearby location who will supply you with plastic bins which can also come in handy.

  1. Start Packing


Finally, you get to the packing process and you have all the necessary supplies and tools for the job. You can then start by packing only the items you wish to move to first. You also need to bear in mind that some items like glass items and electronic appliances need special protection when moving.

7 landscaping tips and tricks

Apr 25, 2018

Are you trying your hand at landscaping? Try the following landscaping tips and tricks for best results.

  1. Buy Enough Plants

Buying enough plants is common sense, as they say, it is better to have more than less. When you are purchasing plants do not buy the exact number suggested by your landscaper, always buy more because you never know what might happen during planting.

Plant on vase

  1. Work from a Plan

Having a clear plan will make your work much faster. The plan will help in keeping track of your progress as well as your budget. Most homeowners do not see the need of having a proposal for a landscaping project hence end up abandoning the whole idea mostly because they couldn’t keep up with the activities they had not planned.

Garden Sketch Design

  1. Conduct a soil test

Before you embark on any landscaping project, you must make sure that you have your soil tested to find out the requirements as well as the type of plants that can grow well. This step is crucial because the soil is solely responsible for the healthy growth of your plants hence you must make sure it can sustain your plants.

Two Test Tubes

  1. Use Starter Fertilizer

For your plants to grow healthy, then you must make sure that you use starter fertilizer, especially when planting for the first time. This fertilizer contains low nitrogen components but with more phosphorous and mycorrhizae which will aid in increasing the beneficial fungi. When you use starter fertilizer in your garden, you are, almost guaranteed of a good crop.

As a homeowner, therefore, make sure that your landscape plants get the right amount of starter fertilizer to give them a chance of maturing into beautiful, healthy plants.

A wheelbarrow on a field

  1. Get the right Garden Tools

I know you are wondering how garden tools are part of this list, but it is crucial to have the right tools for landscaping. Having the right tools will help you to work more efficiently and avoid injuring the plants unnecessarily. On the other hand, if you are using the wrong tools, you will end up cutting the plants and failing to care for them as required.

Garden Tools

  1. Keep the Leaves

Did you know that those leaves you want to dispose of as waste can be quite beneficial to your garden? You don’t need to dispose of the leaves instead you can scatter some of it into the lawn to act as a form of natural fertilizer as they decompose. They can also be used as mulch by adding to the compost pile then used later in the garden.

fallen leaves

  1. Create an Edge

Many people do not understand the value of a natural edge as opposed to the use of plastic or metal edging. First, a natural border is beautiful and will add to the beauty of the landscape.

The same cannot be said about the use of an artificial edge. Another advantage of a natural edge is the fact it is easy to maintain and is quite flexible, unlike the artificial one.

When choosing an edge for your landscape, you should consider creating the natural one as it will give you more flexibility with your landscaping ideas.

bush, garden, gardener

These 7 Fixes Will Help You Solve Your Shipping & Fulfillment Problems

Apr 24, 2018

It’s no doubt that shipping can be a headache sometimes. You have to deal with all kinds of issues that come with business shipping of your business goods and products like lost packages, hidden fees, damaged products, etc. Not forgetting the main duty of looking for the best trucking companies.

You can end up facing a lot of complex issues of how you will eventually deliver your products and goods to your customers. Like virtually anything can go wrong in the process. That is why it’s important to get only the best from the many trucking companies in Ontario.

Here are seven fixes that you can look into to help you solve your shipping and fulfillment problems.

  1. How do you ship your products internationally?


Even if your current business only targets the local market, then there is still the chance that you will, at some point, be getting ordering requests from outside of your borders, even continent.

The solution

It may seem complicated to start shipping your business products and goods abroad but if you use the right resources and stay committed to the cause, you can end up with numerous successful international shipments. The international shipping rates are usually dependent on many different factors like package weight, destination country, package size, insurance, departing country, etc. if you manage to get it right in the first couple of orders, then you will already be getting a hang of the whole process slowly.

  1. How do you safely package your products for freight shipping?

Shipping Logistics Made Easy for Small Businesses

For most businesses, shipping packages by use of the mail system just don’t cut it sometimes. Maybe because your goods and products are just too large or too heavy that they exceed the maximum weight shipping allowed through mail services. Then you have to use the freight services.

The solution

The packaging requirements of using freights to ship your products and goods are different from those of mail delivery or parcel. Learn about these requirements before you proceed to use these freight services.

  1. How do you keep your shipping costs low?


It is vital that you also look into how you can trim your costs and budget when it comes to shipping. If you don’t do this, you can end up using more of your business funds than you expected to.

The solution

You can look into some quick tips on how to cut your shipping budget effectively without interfering with your overall shipping schedules and deadlines.

  1. How do you choose the shipping rates for your store?

Businessmen Checking Boxes With Digital Tablet And Scanner

Deciding on the best shipping rates for your business products and services can be an issue at times especially if you are new to the whole shipping process.

The solution

If your business uses the regular mail services to ship its products, then you are already essentially handling your entire fulfillment process inclusive of packaging, shipping labels, and even posting. So, you are set to go. Shipping costs are largely dependent on your product’s weight and distance so look into these factors keenly to determine your shipping rates.

  1. How do you communicate with your manufacturers and suppliers?


As a shipping business, you will need to constantly be in communication with your suppliers and manufacturers about your business products and goods.

The solution

You can use any of the many effective modes of communication methods to communicate with your business suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors concerning your products and services.

  1. How do you replace lost or damaged goods?


Goods and products can get lost or damaged while in transit to their recipients. This is something every shipping business needs to acknowledge.

The solution

You can always purchase shipping insurance for your products and goods to cover them if any gets damaged while on their way to their recipients.

  1. How do you handle inventory issues?

Woman signing receipt of delivery package. Courier man carrying

You will always meet with different issues concerning your goods and products in your business inventory.

The solution

You can always keep your business upfront especially when it comes to communicating with your customers on issues relating to your store. Keep them in the loop so they know what you have and don’t have at any tim

5 things you should avoid doing after getting involved in a car accident

Apr 22, 2018

Let’s face it, accidents happen on our roads daily but because most of the road users do not know what to do immediately after an accident they end up making small mistakes that eventually mess up their insurance policies. In the case of such situation here are some five things that Toronto Car Accident Lawyers advice you not to do the following:

  1. Leaving the Scene of accident

Irrespective of the nature of the accident, leaving the scene is not an option. This action alone can cost you a lot concerning insurance. Experienced car accident lawyers advise that it is essential for you to stay at the scene of an accident until a traffic officer arrives. This way you will make an official report of the accident which is very helpful if you wish to claim with your insurer.

Sad man at accident scene

  1. Not calling the police

Another grave mistake you can make after getting into an accident is ignoring to call the police officers. Failing to call the cops is a crime in some states. Car accident lawyers will not even take your case if you neglected the duty of calling the police because they know how critical it is.

Car accident

  1. Taking responsibility for the accident

Even if you know that the accident happened because of your poor judgment, it will be best if you kept it to yourself. It may sound horrible, but the sad reality is that if you admit to the liability, even your policyholder may refuse to compensate you. It is therefore advisable to remain calm and wait for police report regarding the accident.

Shaking Hands after Car Accident

  1. Not collecting enough evidence

As much as traffic accidents are traumatizing, if you can move around it is critical to gather enough evidence on the scene of the accident. Take enough pictures and the registration number of the other car as well as details of the other driver’s license and insurance policy. All these details will make your work easier in case you need to follow up the claim for compensation by the other party

Drivers Fill Out an Accident Report

  1. No confrontation, please

Sometimes you can be overpowered by emotions especially if you think the other driver is in fall and you want to vent. As hard as it may be, you will need to stay calm and avoid any form of confrontation name calling or any other display of anger. Car accident lawyers always say that there is time for all that later but immediately after an accident, it is crucial to establish whether everyone involved is okay.

Car accident

In conclusion

According to car accident lawyers, most post-accident challenges could easily be minimized if road users could follow the above simple rules. Issues such as leaving the scene or not informing authorities make such cases complicated because without documentation it becomes difficult to prove that there was an accident. Therefore, if all road users become disciplined, it will be much easier to work on their car accidents.

Do You Know All the Essential Facts About Health Insurance?

Apr 22, 2018

Sufficient data collected by the Journal Health Affairs has found that about half of all Americans living with health insurance always feel confident that they can understand and relate to basic insurance terms.  In Canada there are a wide variety of insurance covers including commercial insurance.  Get the best health insurance cover from insurance broker. And less than a quarter of all the uninsured Americans feel the same way. This article highlights five essential things you should know about health insurance consumer needs and how they relate to you.

  1. The premium isn’t everything


You need to be aware of the fact that every health insurance cover has some variables to it. So, even just looking at the total monthly payment or premium will not end up telling you the whole story of the health insurance plan.

It is, therefore, vital that you fully understand the type of health insurance plan you are applying for before you apply. Try and ensure that you understand the big picture which includes annual deductibles and everything else.

You should look for low copayment premiums if you are one person who regularly seeks health care. These premiums are fixed out-of-pocket charge.

  1. Coinsurance and copayment are not the same

Co insurance

These two insurance types deal with cost-sharing between the insurance company and the consumer. They are, however, two very distinct payment types.

Copayments are situations where you find that the patient pays an exact flat dollar rate to the provider for each service rendered.

Coinsurance, however, is the percentage of all the costs that a patient is entitled to pay after all the deductibles have been met.

  1. Out-of-network benefits can sometimes be costly


A regular insurance plan usually includes health care facilities, a network of doctors and other providers that work for or even contract insurance companies. The insurers then have to agree on how it will provide services and at particular rates.

It may, however, be necessary to use out-of-network providers. For instance, health care crises can occur while you are traveling and the provider is in your network. But then you find a case the hospital where the provider is stationed is outside your network. This can end up presenting a lot of questions as to whether the services provided will be covered.

  1. Patients have to make sure all charges are paid


Know this; insurance cards are not credit cards. You will incur bills the more you use them and for every service that you receive, says Seltzer. What you need to know is that you will be ultimately responsible for all the health care costs that you incurred while using your health insurance cards.

  1. Avoid the ER as much as you can


The hospital ERs are designed to treat true emergencies like traumatic injuries and persistent chest pains. But if you are the one who uses the hospital ERs constantly, then you should expect to see both increases in prices and wait times.

Avoiding the emergency rooms will save you a lot of money and time, so, try and avoid them as much as possible unless you are in a real emergency situation like you have been in an accident and are badly hurt.

Top 8 Outstanding VPN Services

Apr 21, 2018
Free to share - Yahoo

Free to share – Yahoo

If you are looking to mask your IP address, your location, and have been searching for some of the best VPN hosting out there then you are in luck. We understand the desire and the need to keep your identity secret while searching online and as a result, we have curated a list of 10 of the most outstanding VPN services available. 

Here are ten dedicated servers for individuals looking for a reliable VPN service.

Yahoo Free to Share

Yahoo Free to Share

# 1 – TunnelBear 

TunnelBear is excellent for beginners who are new to understanding online protection. This has become widely popular for beginners because all that is required for beginners end is for a person to sign-up, login, and from there the TunnelBear will handle the rest. 

The Features:

  • You will have access to Netflix
  • Connects to 20+ countries
  • It offers unlimited P2P/Torrenting
Free To Share - Yahoo

Free To Share – Yahoo

# 2 – Strong VPN 

Strong VPN is regarded as one of the fastest and most straightforward solutions for those looking to navigate on the internet. This VPN service allows for you to bypass restrictions and censorship from over hundreds of locations around the globe. 

The Features:

  • They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • It provides unlimited P2P/Torrenting
  • Connects to 25+ countries
Free To Share Yahoo

Free To Share Yahoo


SaferVPN provides their customers outstanding service. Protecting customers privacy and browsing history from the likes of advertisers, third-party hackers and even governments – and all at a price tag of $89.99 for THREE YEARS; not too bad. 

The Features: 

  • Chrome extension 
  • Connect to 30+ countries


# 4 vyprvpn 

Vyprvpn offers their customers perhaps some of the fastest VPN servers available and all without having a third party involved. This service has the technology to defeat VPN blocking and is available for all your devices. 

The Features: 

  • Proprietary encryption protocol
  • They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Connects to 60+ countries


# 5 PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN is a 1-click-setup VPN for ALL manners of devices; ranging from Mac, iOS, Windows and so on. 

The Features: 

  • Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Connects tp 55+ countries 
  • They offer unlimited P2P/Torrenting


# 6 CyberGhost 

CyberGhost is a fast VPN service that also offers their customers malware protection. Providing excellent services and all at a price tag of $2.95 a month. 

The Features:

  • Customers will have fast access to Netflix
  • Be able to connect to up to 55+ countries 


# 7 Hide My Ass

In spite of the somewhat crass name, this is an excellent VPN service and perhaps one of the most popular VPN services. They offer a vast array of services for their customers as well as Live Chat support for those who may need a bit of guidance. 

The Features:

  • Customers will have fast access to Netflix
  • Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Connects to 190+ countries 
  • Chrome and Firefox Extensions


# 8 ExpressVPN 

This is perhaps one of the most highly regarded VPN services which have been consistently stated as being incredibly fast and superlatively secure. Furthermore, it has been viewed by many to offer the most powerful encryption for their customers. It provides excellent HD streaming and well as 24/7 Live chat support. Simply put – this service is truly amazing. 

The Features:

  • Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • They provide unlimited P2P/Torrenting
  • Connects to 90+ countries

What to Look For in a Global Real Estate Consulting Company

Jun 19, 2017

Commercial real estate investing can be one of the more lucrative types of investments you can make, but it also can be risky. Many savvy investors who want to decrease their risk while maximizing their potential return often turn to a global real estate consulting company. A commercial property consulting team has the main goal of helping its investor clients to locate great investment options, and it may also help clients analyze the options through a property assessment. As you can see, working with a commercial real estate consulting company can take a lot of the stress and time commitment out of the hunt for a great real estate investment, but not all consultants are the same. As you look for the right global real estate consulting company to work with, consider these points.

The Company’s Experience

One of the most important factors to look for when selecting a commercial property consulting firm to hire is the company’s experience in the industry. In some cases, a newer company may be fine to work with if the representative who you will be working with has a great deal of personal experience in the commercial real estate world. Ideally, the company will be established with many satisfied customers.

A Proven Track Record

When you are serious about finding a commercial real estate consulting company that will generate great results for you, looking at the results of their previous efforts is important. Many companies that have great track records have published their accomplishments on their website for all to see. Therefore, it is often easy to compare companies in this way by simply reading the company’s bio online.

Courteous and Prompt Service

It can take many long weeks and even months to find the right property to invest in, and it can take even longer for your financing to go through. With this in mind, you understandably want to choose a global real estate consulting company that is committed to excellence in all that it does, and this includes in the area of customer service. With each interaction you have with the company, pay attention to how prompt and courteous the service is. This will help you to more easily determine if you want to continue working with a company.

Many investors who have had a great experience with a commercial property consulting team will continue to work with that same company for future investment activities. However, before you can develop an ongoing relationship with a specific firm, you need to do some homework initially. Carefully interview and screen the consultants available in each of these areas to find the right team to work with.

Beat the Norm and Install Hardwood Flooring for your Kitchen

Nov 16, 2016
Nothing adds more beauty and elegance to a house than hardwood flooring. However, a number of people believe that it should never go beyond the kitchen door. The kitchen is considered an area prone to wetness and the general assumption is that it is no place for wood flooring with all its spills of water and other liquid kitchen necessities.

Admittedly, some of the fears about the damage kitchen water would do to a wood floor are founded—but only partly. The kitchen is not the place for every type of wood. However, there is no reason you should deny yourself the gentle, warm touch of hardwood under your feet as you go about your business in the kitchen.

As a good number of kitchen magazines prove, installation of hardwood floors is gaining popularity fast. In fact, it has been accepted as a trend among modern homeowners. It all boils down to the type of hardwood used and the quality of the installation job.

Site-finished Hardwood

Unlike pre-finished hardwood which is stained and sealed in the factory, site-finished hardwood arrives at your home with no stain or seal. Its surface features only raw wood. The stain and sealer are only applied when the installers finish nailing it down.

Remember, the installation of both the pre-finished and site-finished hardwood flooring is done through the same method – tongue and groove. Nonetheless, the site-finished installation job has the benefit of application of a thin, cohesive layer of sealant from one end of the surface of the floor to the other. It is, therefore, rendered impermeable.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

When for some reason you cannot install site-finished hardwood flooring in your kitchen, there is still another option. If you keep the quality high enough, engineered hardwood is as good as solid hardwood, sometime better. One of its most beneficial features is its cross-layer make-up which enables it to resist the effects of high humidity and moisture. In addition, it has a top veneer engineered to prevent water from seeping through it into the wood beneath.

Bottom Line

Apart from ability to resist the effects of water and other liquids, there are factors that will surely determine how long your kitchen hardwood flooring will remain intact. The kitchen is accessed by almost everyone and, therefore, it experiences more traffic than some of the other rooms in the house. It is inevitable that after some years, the marks of heavy traffic will begin to show. There is no cause to worry, however, since you can easily screen or sand them down.

You need to protect your hardwood flooring from scratches and dents. In most cases, using a throw rug is good enough. However, bleaching may occur on the parts left unprotected if your kitchen is exposed to strong sunlight. If you visit the Relative Space website, you may be able to find more information.

Difference between Audit, Review and Compilation Engagements

Jul 10, 2016

A chartered accountant’s skill is vital for the prosperity of an organization. It is necessary for businesses to consult accounting firms frequently to evaluate the establishment’s performance. Professional accountants offer services such as business planning, calculation of tax payments due, prepare and audit financial statements. Accountants refer to the services they offer as engagements. There are three engagements related to financial statements of an organization:
• Review engagements
• Audit engagements
• Compilation engagements
It is imperative that businesses understand the work performed by chartered accountants.

Audit engagement
Audits are necessary to provide an organization’s financial statement users with an opinion on whether the statements followed proper accounting methods. Businesses report to shareholders, governments, and creditors through audited financial statements. Legislation in Canada stipulates that limited corporations should prepare financial statements for audit by qualified independent accounting firms.
Creation of financial reports is the sole responsibility of companies’ management. The auditor’s responsibility is to provide an opinion on the fairness of the statements. Auditors employ such activities as evaluate the firm’s structure of internal control, inspection of documents, and observation to gather necessary data to establish whether the financial statements accurately reflect the company’s financial position.

Review engagement
Review engagements are performed to give assurance that there are no modifications that should be made to the financial reports to align them with financial reporting regulations. A review is different from an audit. Review engagements provide little assurance to the user of financial reports. The degree of assurance from a review is expressed as either:
• Negative assurance; in this case, nothing came to the auditor’s attention that would indicate that the financial statements have not followed accounting principles.
• Reservation; the auditor has to provide an appropriate disclosure with details for the reservation.
In performing a review, a chartered accountant would only inquire on matters such as accounting practices employed by the organization and the management responsibility.

Compilation engagement
A compilation engagement aims to assist the management in presenting financial data in the form of statements. Compilation engagements do not provide assurance that the statements have conformed to accepted accounting principles. Compilation requires the accountant to gain knowledge of the business including the financial accounting systems applied and prepare the financial information as financial statements. Compilation engagements do not require the auditor to provide an opinion on the accuracy of the statements presented.
While independence is paramount in audit and review engagements, accountants do not have to be independent of the business in question to perform a compilation engagement.

Professional accountants offer many services other than audit, review and compilation engagements. Different businesses need accounting services for different reasons. It is crucial to understand the dynamics of each level of service while seeking assistance.

Why your Office Floor Need Maintenance

Jul 9, 2016

Organisations spend large amounts of money on commercial buildings and interior design concepts. Flooring is always part of the deal, as part of the overall image. With the rapid weather changes, it is obligatory for business owners to keep up with the proper office cleaning and maintenance in each season. Hiring a commercial cleaning company comes with a wide range of benefits, from saved productivity time to reduced safety risks.

Investment Protection
It is essential to embrace and implement a customised office floor maintenance program to ensure the floors are preserved and their life is extended. Poorly maintained floors tend to affect a facility’s image adversely, and lead to the waste of huge amounts of money on misdirected cleaning. Poor maintenance also reduces the performance of the product and accelerates the need for a replacement. Professionals can revitalise, clean, and restore the floors by customising a program that suits your budget and needs. Commercial cleaning services ensure the accumulation of dirt and grime that could potentially damage your flooring is prevented. With the many commercial buildings, there are today, multiple floor coverings that need special maintenance and cleaning feature. This can be very challenging for various reasons. One, there are different types of machinery available on the market today, all from different manufacturers. It is vital that top grade cleaning and maintenance equipment be chosen. The other factor is; will the machinery be moved from one site to the other or is it stationary? Professionals understand attachment variations of each type of machine, keeping it in mind that the wrong type of brushes or abrasives could quickly damage a commercial floor. Also, understand that using the wrong chemical pH levels on the covering of your office floor could lead to an irreversible damage.

Promote a Healthy Working Environment
Indoor quality air can cause absenteeism, lost revenue, and lost production time. Poorly maintained floors attract the build-up of microorganisms and increase the amount of particulate, thereby deteriorating the working conditions. Instead of dissipating valuable productivity, it is necessary to hire commercial cleaning services to save time spent on cleaning large establishments while other business-oriented matters could be handled. Understand that being a business facility with varying floor sizes, there could be different floor types that are not all cleaned the same way. Professionals have experience, leading technology tools, and products for each floor. Business owners must always consider the safety of their employees and visitors when it comes to their establishment. During rainy seasons, for example, high traffic areas including hallways, cafeterias, and major entrances can be major scenes of falling or heavily covered by mud and dried residue. As such, it is only important to hire a professional cleaner.

Maintaining the appearance of your office floor goes beyond choosing the right cleaning method. The right products for each floor weigh heavily on the performance of your floor. This is why professionals must be involved to assess the layout of the facility, the traffic patterns and the hours of operation for proper maintenance.

Car Rental Saving Tips

Jul 6, 2016

If you are planning on going a road trip, a car rental Toronto company should be the first that you contact. Even if you have a car of your own, there may be opportunities to rent a luxury or sport vehicle that you may not have the chance to drive otherwise. What are a few ways to get the car you want while saving money at the same time?

Travel During Down Times of the Week and Year

Rates tend to be lowering during the week than they are during the weekend. This is because fewer people are looking to take a trip on a Wednesday compared to a Saturday. Furthermore, people are unlikely to want to drive during the cold winter months compared to the warmer spring and summer months. While there may be some exceptions when kids are off of school, the late fall and winter months are generally slower than other times of the year.

Look for Specials Offered By a Particular Car Rental Center

Car rental centers may offer specials to get certain cars off the lot or to spur interest throughout the year. You may be able to get a top sports car or luxury vehicle for only a few dollars a day during the week or get free upgrades during certain weekends. It may be possible to track these deals online or by going to car rental company websites to find deals.

Go Through Online Booking Sites

Online booking sites will scour the entire market to determine where the best deals are. Instead of going to various sites to find deals, these sites will do that for you in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is tell the site what you would like to drive, when you need the car and how long you plan on keeping the vehicle. Once you find a deal that you want, you can book it and get confirmation in a matter of minutes.

Get Good Deals By Acting as a Fleet Transport Driver

Car rental companies may offer discounts depending on what cities you are driving to or where you are willing to drop off your car. This is because car rental companies may need to send more cars to different hubs to meet demand. By going to a city where demand is high, you may get a discount for your troubles.

Saving money on your rental car gives you more money to spend on a hotel or other discretionary spending while away. Therefore, it is in your best interest to make sure that you get the lowest possible price and remain flexible in how you achieve that goal.

Why team building activities are more important than you think

May 10, 2016

Team building activities like scavenger hunts can seem like a waste of time, but games and events offer a lot of value to organizations. While some activities might seem silly, bringing your team together outside of their work roles can lead to better performance.

Building Trust
Employees need to trust in the commitment and capabilities of their teammates in order to do their best work. Building that trust takes time and a willingness to share both information and personalities.

Corporate team building activities offer a unique setting for creating and nurturing trust. The activities allow team members to collaborate and communicate without the pressures of their job responsibilities. This type of less-formal interaction allows team members to see how people behave and gain insights into their thinking processes. A good team building exercise can reveal the traits that make someone good at their job and highlight why they should be trusted by their teammates.

Getting New Employees Comfortable
Starting a new job can be extremely stressful. Not only are you trying to learn your new role, but you are also trying to learn about your coworkers and decipher the internal dynamics of the organization.

Corporate team building activities offer new employees a more casual environment in which to make introductions, ask questions, and get a feel for their coworkers. Managers can also take advantage of the activities to explain and promote the company culture.

Breaking Down Silos
As companies grow, it can be difficult to build relationships across department. Over time, people stop knowing each other and start thinking of people in terms of their department or role. This can lead to a lack of trust and respect for the contributions that other departments make to the success of an organization.

Scavenger hunts, dinners and special events are all opportunities to remove the barriers that naturally arise when departments don’t regularly interact. You can use these events to promote mingling, educate about the value of every contributor, and reduce the potential for future conflict.

Relieving Stress
Let’s not underestimate the value of having a little fun. While it’s important that people get their work done and behave professionally, sometimes people need to laugh or meditate or play games. The occasional retreat where employees get to relax can lead to higher productivity and a better attitude when they get back to their desk.

Team Building is Worth It
Team members benefit from interacting outside their work roles. And so do their organizations. Bringing people together to build trust, relieve stress, and educate about how the company succeeds are all benefits of corporate team building activities that shouldn’t be overlooked.

7 Qualities Every Real Estate Agent Should Have

May 9, 2016

When looking to rent or buy a home, it can require a lot of thought and planning beforehand. Whether you’re looking for your first place or you plan on moving into your fourth home, it’s always helpful to have a good real estate agent to help you along the way. Though some real estate agents have a bad reputation and only want to earn a large profit, there are some real estate agents that are great at what they do.


7 Qualities Every Real Estate Agent Should Have:



Though it takes time and people to gain experience, it’s always helpful to seek advice from a real estate agent that has a lot of experience in buying and selling houses. The more experience a real estate agent has, the greater the chance you’ll find your dream home and a home that’s affordable to your budget.


To become a real estate agent, one must become licensed. Since there are all sorts of terms, conditions and legal ties in a real estate agent’s work, not just anyone can become a real estate agent overnight. It’s very important that you find someone who is credible and someone who has a license.


One of the best ways to find a good real estate agent is to check out the ratings and reviews for each one in your area. By searching the Internet, you can see what an agent’s previous customers thought about him or her. You can also see what the agents are rated on a scale of one to ten or one to five. This can keep you away from bad agents and increase your chances of finding a good one that people like working with.


It’s important to find a real estate agent that is helpful. Oftentimes a real estate agent is dealing with several clients at once. When this happens, it’s hard for them to make time for everyone. Find a real estate agent that always has time for your questions, and one that won’t let you miss a great opportunity for buying or renting a home.


Real estate agents must make a sale to make money. Since real estate agents would like to make a living like anyone else, it’s easy for them to be inconsiderate and want to sell or rent you a home that is way out of your price range. Try to find a real estate agent that isn’t pushy, but instead one that is considerate and is looking out for your best interest.

Tech savvy

With the technology we have today, it’s important that real estate agents are familiar with the latest and greatest trends. Since homes used to be listed primarily in the newspaper, and there was no Internet at one point, it’s important that real estate agents learn the new advances in technology.


For a real estate agent to be good at what they do, they must be familiar with the market and the local areas. Try to find a real estate agent that can take you around town and tell you where all the great places to buy or rent a home are.

To feel confident in your purchase, and to be happy with your end result, you must find a real estate agent that is easy to work with. From knowing the area to having good communication, there is a lot to take into consideration.

Tax Time Means Open Season For Identity Thieves

Apr 25, 2016

It doesn’t take much thought to realize that with all of the personal information that is passed around between people and businesses during tax time, this is the high season for identity thieves. To make matters worse, tax season not only finds your name, contact information, and personal identity numbers such as your social security number, but also your financial information all over paper that leaves your home or workplace.


Identity Information? Shred It!

Although it is true that only a certain amount of control can be exerted over the information you turn over to others, especially for tax purposes, you can control all of the extraneous paperwork associated with this process by using paper shredding to eliminate the threat posed by outsiders. In fact, paper shredding is probably one of the most effective means a person has to foil identity thieves. This applies to your personal information whether it’s during tax season or not.


Isn’t Good Enough Good Enough?

Anyone who was alive during the Iranian hostage crisis of 1979 will recall that prior to the takeover by students, officials of the American embassy made the shredding of all important documents a top priority. Unfortunately, after the students took over the building, they were busy at work reassembling the documents, patiently piecing together many documents detailing classified information being stored by the embassy. The point is that even the shredding being done at the embassy wasn’t thorough enough to prevent important information from being leaked to hostiles.


Paper shredding today is much more complete than that done in 1979. Today’s shredding capabilities can be performed to whatever degree it is felt necessary to prevent disclosure of sensitive information, whether it be turning documents into narrow strips or hardly more than pulp.


What’s Most Important?

Most experts agree that the degree to which personal information is shredded is not near as important as is the fact that it has been shredded. Whether we realize it or not, Americans are generally very casual about the information they throw away every day. This makes the job of being an identity thief very easy. There is so much personal information available to thieves out there that they very often don’t worry about data that has been shredded, ignoring it in favor of easier targets.


Obviously, your goal should be to shred the personal information that leaves your home or office to as great a degree as possible to eliminate theft threats. This is especially true during tax season when so much personal financial information is readily available to those who are looking for it.


No End in Sight

Experts agree that the occurrence of identity fraud shows no signs of abating any time soon. In fact, incidents continue to increase. Last year, 12.6 million Americans were hit by identity thieves, who stole more than $21 billion from them. The ease by which thieves can get information should make Americans even more cautious about the information they give out and to whom. Besides this precaution, when it doubt, shred it.