With so many people turning to electric bikes as their personal mode of transportation, the e-bike sector is today among the fastest growing category of the bicycling industry. With less energy, e-riders can get further than they ever could when riding standard bikes and as a result, cycling as a regular form of transport is today a viable option for a variety of people.

Getting started
Although it does not have to be, purchasing an e-bike might be challenging, especially with the availability of a broad range of styles, models, and prices. Let us start with some basics to help you choose and purchase the most suitable e-bike. When selecting an e-bike, it is important to confirm that it is comfortable, will support your riding style as well as its intended use, and looks appealing. For instance:

Electric mountain bikes: As much as the design of mountain bikes is generally for off-road use, a wide range of electric mountain bikes are available today, and they are just as popular with riders for light off-road rides. In addition to tread tires and front suspension forks, electric mountain bikes usually feature comparatively stronger wheels, more durable frames, sportier looks, and a more upright riding position. You can have an excellent all-rounder by simply adding a rear rack and a set of lights.

Electric fat bikes: These types get their name from their wide tires, most of which are 4” wide. The enhanced tire thickness makes riding through the most difficult terrains such as snow, sand, and mountainous routes far much easier. Although the initial intention of designing electric fat bikes was for the Alaskan winter trail, they are quite versatile. Fat e-bikes are a suitable option if you are an adventurous rider yearning for the ability to go through almost any obstacle. Being able to lower the tire pressure ensures a comparatively smoother ride in otherwise rough terrains.

Electric hybrid or urban bikes: Because these bikes are a halfway model between road and mountain bikes, they feature a combination of speed, efficiency, and comfort. The resulting ease of maneuverability makes these bikes probably the best option for most users, especially if the intention is to replace car trips. Electric hybrid bikes are available in a step-over frame model for men and a step-through unisex frame model.

Electric folding bikes: Due to significant technological advancements when it comes to this type of frame, there is a considerable increase in both the popularity and design of electric folding bikes. Commuters, students, and gray nomads traveling in caravans and boats all prefer electric folding bikes. If storage space is an issue, folding e-bikes are the way to go.

Cargo electric bikes: This type of e-bike is quite popular in Europe, probably because the design is intended as a real alternative to using cars. Cargo bikes are much like regular bikes with the added benefits of being comparatively stronger in addition to a longer rear rack designed to adequately fit a whole range of accessories such as seats and crates. These bikes can support up to 120Kgs plus the rider. The Scooteretti website has the available resources if you would like to learn more.