From any parent’s point of view, nothing feels worse than having to go through a divorce especially when you have been married for decades. What makes the situation even worse is when there are small kids involved. Then this is when things start to get complicated as both of the parents get to court and battle out who gets to have custody of the kids. As parents, this can be a very tormenting experience and if you have no experienced family lawyer and clue about how you will go about the whole custody process, you stand a chance of losing custody of your child to the other partner.

This article has outlined nine factors that you can use to create a strong case and establish a foothold in the case which will tilt the odds in your favor.

  1. Understand the family law


The first step you can take is to ensure you educate yourself sufficiently in matters pertaining to family law and how the whole process works. This will prepare you for what is to come when in court.

  1. Avoid any legal battles if you can


This can help improve your chances of obtaining custody of your child. If you and your partner can amicably come together and agree on who is to get custody of the child, the two of you will end things in better terms and save a lot of litigation and legal fees in the process.

  1. Cooperate with your ex-partner


No matter how bad your situation is with your ex-partner, you should at least try and ensure that the two of you are in talking terms. This will build greatly towards the type of custody you will get.

  1. The importance of perception


Yes! You may be the best parent for your child as opposed to your ex-spouse, but if you don’t know how to prove this, then you stand the chance of losing the custody battle to the other partner.

  1. Go for a qualified and experienced custody lawyer


A good layer will be well-versed with all the procedures involving child custody cases and will put you in a better position of winning custody of your kid.

  1. Avoid using intoxicants entirely


If you really want to win custody of your kid over your ex-spouse, then you must prove it to the court. Make the court believe that you are best fit for the job and abusing any intoxicants will not do it for you. in fact, you stand a greater chance of losing the battle altogether.

  1. Be true to yourself and to the court


Presenting any false information while hoping that it will give you an upper edge on the case can only end up damaging any chance that you have of winning the custody case and even damage your reputation further.

  1. Consider the child’s best interests


You may want to be with your kid more but maybe aren’t financially stable enough to take care of the child. Don’t be mean here to the child. You can reconsider your decision.

  1. Get your paperwork right


Prepare all the proper documentation and get them in order before you present them to the court for examination.