8 things you most likely didn’t know about fixie bikes

A fixie is a bicycle that does not have a free wheel. It is essentially a fixed gear bike. It has only one gear. Fixie bikes have in the past decade become extremely popular especially among urban riders. A good example is that of Regal Bicycles. People love them and hate them in equal measure but just how much do they know about them? Here are 8 things that you most likely did not know about fixie bikes.

1. It is simple to use

Most of the people who use the fixie bike use it because of the simplicity that it has to offer with respect to gears. Other bikes appear a bit complicated because they are multi-geared. The fixie bike has only one gear.



2. No free wheel

Bicycles usually have a free wheel meaning the pedals can be stationary even when the bike is moving. This is not the case for the fixie bike. Its cog is connected to the rear wheel in such a way that it is one in motion with the pedals.


3. Possible to cycle backwards

The fact that the cog of the fixie bike is connected to the rear wheel to make it one in motion with the pedals means that it is possible for you to pedal backwards and have the bike move in that direction.


4. Braking

It is possible for you to use your legs and the weight of your body to bring the bike to a halt or to slow it down. This is because the pedals are directly coupled with the rear wheel.


5. They are single- speed

Every fixie bike in the world is single-speed. This is because introduction of gears would bring about chain slack which will not be such a good thing for the braking system.


6. They are very light

Fixie bikes do not have a lot of parts and so they weigh much less than the geared bicycle. This means that they are easy to carry and store. You can easily move them around even in tiny roads and hallways.


7. Easy to customize

It makes so much sense that the fixie bike is easy to customize. This is because it does not have a lot of parts. Most individuals love to customize their bikes to express their creativity through art. If you are one of those individual you should definitely go and get yourself a fixie bike.


8. It has a front brake

You may not have known this but a fixie bike actually has one brake at the front. It is definitely not advisable to ride without brakes if you are not experienced which is why fixie bikes have one front brake to keep you safe. You can always get rid of it though if you feel you are ready to ride without brakes.