Knowing the ways of immigration law and following them are what will make the difference between you getting citizenship or being denied of it. It is very important for you to have a deep understanding of all the rules and the laws that go into governing of immigration so that know exactly what to expect. For the best answers consult your nearest immigration lawyer. Below are some 7 quick tips regarding immigration law.

  1. Establish citizenship as early as you can

If you already have a green card and you want to reside in the states then it should be in your best interests to apply for citizenship as early as possible. The earliest you can apply for citizenship is five years from the time you got your green card. With regards to deportation, citizenship gives you more security than a green card.


  1. Factor in delays when applying for renewal

The immigration services usually have a lot of work and consequently they do have delays in their processes. There are certain applications that could actually take almost if not up to 3 years. The authorities will not support the fact that your green card has expired because you will be arrested and deported.


  1. Beware of summary removal

Border officials have been given enough power to prevent you from entering the United States. This power is what is referred to as summary removal. This is something that can be avoided if you are well prepared. Do your best to convince them that they should give you an immigration visa.


  1. Let the USCIS be aware of address changes

If you have stayed in the country for more than a month then it is your duty to let the USCIS know if there are any address changes. You must however do these not more than ten days from when you had an address change.


  1. File more than one petition

If you intend on making an application for an immigration visa or a green card then make sure you file several petitions. Make it your responsibility to check with your family members to see if they are eligible to petition on your behalf.


  1. Punctuality

If you have any scheduled appointments with the United States embassy or consulate, make sure that you are never late. Lateness can bring about a lag in processing you and consequently, your deportation. This is one of the immigration tips that I cannot stress enough. Always keep time.


  1. Do not break immigration laws

This is a very important tip when it comes to immigration. Familiarize yourself with what it means to have a work permit or immigration visa. Understand that you could be deported for very minor violations so ensure you have adhered to all of the laws and rules provided.

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