Many people always end up losing legal battle cases about disability claims owing to the fact that they go about the whole process wrong or even hiring inexperienced disability lawyer Toronto. Knowing how the whole Social Security system for the disabled works is the key to getting your disability benefits. You can say it’s like having the grease for your wheels.

Here are a few tips and tricks on how you can significantly improve your chances of winning a disability claim.

  1. Start NOW!


You need to know that the success of winning your claim is based solely on your disability, and not on your financial resources or how you are financially. So, don’t wait until you are financially strained to start filing for a disability claim. Disability claims can take a long time to process. They can go on for up to a year, and sometimes even two if you are appealing the case if it doesn’t go at all well like you intended.

  1. Highly recommended that you hire an attorney


Attempting to navigate through the social security claim process alone can be a very wrong move especially if you have absolutely no knowledge of the process itself. Hire an attorney who is qualified and experienced in this field. The better organized and processed your claim is, the higher your chances of winning the claim is going to be. Your stress levels when it comes to dealing with such matters first-hand is also going to be significantly reduced. Ensure you take your time when hiring an attorney who will handle your case and has the best interest for you to win the case. Don’t just jump at the first attorney you find or the one with the cheapest rates.

  1. Keep all the records of your condition safely


You can even decide to dedicate a journal or notebook specifically to your disability and have all the medical records and data of your medical receipts and appointments with you at all times and safe. Also, ensure that all the records of all the medical treatments you have undergone plus the medications are safe and secure. You may need these records to win your case.

  1. Document all of your disabling conditions and symptoms

Portrait of happy old senior couple in a retirement home

Don’t fail to write down and document anything relating to your disability be it a physical or psychological condition or even a symptom. Make sure it is documented and safely kept. A lot of disabilities usually result from psychological strain and more often than not, you find that there are many powerful psychological and emotional components to these disabling illnesses. Have these documented and available whenever they are needed for the hearing.

  1. Involve your doctor

Lawyer and physician

You will need to always have your physician or doctor involved with your health and medical condition. These medical staff members can also avail any of the necessary medical reports that you may need for your disability claim should any record be needed by the court.

  1. Never give up


The initial claim denial is usually meant to try and discourage most people from going through with the claim or even appealing. And you find that most people end up not appealing for their cases to be heard again. Over 60% of the disability claims are usually denied during the initial claim level. So, try an appeal, you never know, anything can happen.