5 stylish home decor designs using custom wooden boxes

In the modern day world, incorporating wood into your home decor using different designs and for different uses can bring a really good natural feel to your home. It is also a perfect use for wood that you would have otherwise thrown away. Incorporating custom wooden boxes into your home decor can be a hard thing for most people to understand much less pull off. They are however quite easy to use and can be quite convenient in terms of storage. Below are five stylish home decor designs using custom wooden boxes.

  1. Stylish shelves

You can mount your custom wooden boxes onto the walls in different patterns and use them as stylish shelves. This will give your home quite an edgy yet reserved look. It’s just perfect. You can use this space as storage for the numerous books that you have lying around. This way, you will have a good look for the house and you will always know where your things are.


  1. Unique coffee tables

Wood is a material that is beautiful enough to be versatile. When it comes to custom wooden boxes, you can turn them into some really stylish coffee tables. You can choose to paint them any color depending on the color of your walls and chains but it will overall go really well and give your home a unique look.


  1. Storage units

Most people have limited space at home yet have these custom wooden boxes that they do not know how to incorporate into their home decor. Help is here if you are one of these people. You may consider using wooden boxes to store your kid’s toys or your shoes and clothes. It gets better if you have a wooden bed because you can match the colors and use the wooden box to put your dirty clothes in before you do the laundry or to store your clean clothes that may otherwise not fit in your closet.


  1. Cool cupboards

If you stack a few custom wooden boxes up together, you get a really cool cupboard or wall unit that you can use in your living room to put up your television set or any home accessories like flower jars. Depending on the rest of your furniture and mix of colors, it is bound to give the room a sophisticated yet authentic look that you will for sure never get tired of seeing.


  1. Chests

You can use custom wooden boxes as chests on the side of your bed or as some nice fancy stools that you can put on the side of your coffee table somewhere in the living room. You never have to let a wooden box go to waste.